Through our persistent endeavor, students have successfully secured admissions at TOP universities across the Globe viz: MBA, MIT, British Columbia, ISB, ESADE Spain, PhD at Carnegie Mellon, Texas A&M, Purdue, Georgia Tech and Masters at Berkeley, Columbia and Cornell

PhD MBA Masters Other Allied Masters Bachelors
Engineering Life Sciences Social Sciences
Finance Finance Computer Science Botany Public Policy MIS Computer Science
Biophysics HR Electrical Physics-Optics Human Rights Finance Chemical Engineering
Organic Chemistry Supply Chain Electronics Biology Political Science Financial Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering Operation Mechanical Genetics Human Resource Development Engineering Management BBM
Physics Strategy Civil Immunology Edu Psychology Computational Finance Economics
Organizational Behaviour Marketing Automotive Cell and Mol Bio Economics Mathematical Finance Journalism
Public Policy International Business Aerospace Microbiology Psychology Construction Management Fashion
Psychology Industrial Pathology Energy Engineering
Aerospace Engineering Manufacturing Forensic Science Architecture – Urban Planning
Economics Environmental Environmental Sci Public Health/Dental
Biotechnology Petroleum Physio Therapy Hospital Administration
Microbiology Chemical Respiratory Therapy Corporate Communication
Industrial Pharmacy Biomedical Physiology Media Management
Immunology Bioengineering Special Education TV Management
Botany BioInformatics Nutrition Sport Management
Electrical & Computer Engineering Biotechnology Plant Pathology Mass Communication
Operations Management Biomaterials Entomology Telecomm Management
Sustainable Development Biochemical Astrology Bio resource engineering
Cellular & Molecular Biology Systems Engineering Dentistry Space Science
Medicinal Chemistry Telecommunication Occupation Therapy Product Design
Computer Science Computational Biology Law
VLSI Computational Fluid Dynamics Interior Design