Choosing a specialization

It is very important to first finalize the specialization you are considering for your MS/PhD abroad only then can the right program and the right university can be short-listed. Yes, there are specialized subjects available for MS!

Why specialize:

  • A deeper insight into one particular sub-discipline
  • An edge for job openings

What is the sunrise sector today may not be tomorrow, if you have chosen the straight & narrow path? Where do you go then? Do you have it in you? What will be the area of opportunity ten years later?

How to choose the specializations:

The course that you choose to apply for will depend on your qualification, electives taken, related projects, seminars, papers presented, industrial training, internship and/or related work experience and your career goal.

Profile building

Universities abroad focus on academics, your experiences and achievements in school/college and beyond. These are important, as they help admission team in understanding you as a person.
You should involve yourself in activities or projects for a considerable period of time (a sport, the arts, writing, research, community work etc.).

You should be able to create an impact through enhancing your academic profile, develop social skills & technical skills relevant to your specialization, climb up to a leadership position (if working), growth as a person, etc.

Verbal webinars

Focused to ace your preparation and crack TOEFL/IELTS and the verbal section of GRE/GMAT/SAT.

Areas covered:

  • AWA – Argument and Issue
  • Reading comprehension
  • Sentence correction
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Text completion
  • Vocabulary Tips

Various webinars conducted on regular basis:

  • How to ace the GMAT verbal
  • Decoding the test – Master the GRE Verbal
  • GRE vocab tips
  • GMAT Critical Reasoning
  • GMAT Reading Comprehension

Check out some sample videos from our past webinars.