Step 1: Profile Based Evaluation

Here, we will study your resume and address your needs and concerns and guide you regarding your choice of subjects and other special requirements. We will outline the step-by-step process and work out a calendar for you.

Step 2: The Academic Counselling Session

In this session, we will review your academic background and based on your accomplishments and goals, we will shortlist universities that best match your profile in terms of quality and cost of education. In fact, we’ll give you a list of as many as 12 universities for pre-application. This list includes college profiles, departmental details, research lab information, cost of study, assistantships available, campus information, application deadlines, student placements etc. We also work out a feasibility study of universities in terms of comparative ratings and costs.

Step 3: The University Counselling Session

During this session we will help you narrow down the choice of universities, based on mutual consensus. We will also provide you with a admission checklist for these 5-6 final colleges to apply to. The aim is to find the best fit for you so that your university experience abroad is memorable as well as fruitful.

Step 4: Reviewing SOPs and Essays

In this step, we will guide you on how to formulate winning essays and statements of purpose (SOP)s, LORs and Resume through guidelines and online interactive workshops. We will provide you with tried and tested questionnaires for your essays/SOPs. We will also guide you how to put together a good recommendation letter.

Step 5: All About Applying

Here, we will help you resolve application form and financial statements queries for the final set of universities you are applying to.

Step 6: The Visa Counselling Session

In this step, we will review provide the guidelines for the finance documents , review them and we will explain the finer points of the visa interview and prepare you to face the same with confidence.

Step 7: The Life and Times at Campuses

During this session, we’ll tell you everything you want to know about life on the campus. From how a typical classroom looks to accommodation, food, clothing, culture, student association, sports activities, libraries, entertainment and more, we’ll fill you in on the campus scene in elaborate detail. So there are no unpleasant surprises when you land up there.

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