My Visa got approved, thanks for all your guidance and support, thanks for helping me achieve my goal, I can’t thank enough the whole iGrad Global team for supporting me all the way, each and every step in achieving this, iGrad Global was my first choice as counselling, and you guys proved that I took the right decision of going with iGrad Global , the main key points that make iGrad Global great are
  • Everything’s online
  • Flexibility
  • Supportive, friendliness
  • Motivating students
  • On-Time replies to all queries
  • Most important is dedication towards making students 100% ready for pursuing higher education
It’s been a wonderful journey for me with iGrad Global, I would like to contribute to iGrad Global in anyway I can, so please let me know if any students need help regarding any Information, I will try to help them within my knowledge, hopefully this relationship with iGrad Global continues for a long time.
-Karthik A.S. (July 2016)

I have been receiving career consultation from Biruda since September 2010 till today and it has been a worthy experience. Her in-depth knowledge about every university in the world amazes me. She is very knowledgeable, approachable and vastly experienced. All through the process, right from giving GMAT till getting an admit, she has been very supportive and helpful. It has been my pleasure and honor to work with her and realize my dreams of attaining a deserving admission in a reputed university.
– Prakash Kamath

I have always known Biruda as an extremely passionate professional. She has a very unique talent in bringing out the best in people and at Career Launcher she has helped hundreds of students to get admission in their dream schools. With her vast experience anda gift to look through your resume, she can give you feedback which you would have hardly ever thought of.
She is highly pragmatic, result oriented and above all she is highly supportive and it is always a pleasure to interact with her.
During my time at CareerLauncher, I have learnt a lot from her and with utmost confidence I can say that if any one is looking for a professional who can add 10 times thevalue to your resume/application ,” Biruda ” is your person .
– Surya Manohar Mallela, Visiting Faculty for Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation Career Launcher

– Nazm B – 1 Year MBA Babson 2013 – $15000 Scholarship

– Hrithik Sharma – Master’s in Management ESADE , MIS Suny Buffalo

Biruda is one person who has inspired me immensely with her energy level at work. She is one of the most sought after admissions consultant by the students. She has managed to get her students into top notch colleges even at a not so competitive GRE/GMAT score. I remember, when she had joined Career Launcher, the organization had just started withInternational Education and nothing was in place. Biruda literally worked day and nightto create a name of CL in International Education. She designed the course, the session plan and the complete structure of the classes here. She was instrumental even in the content development of GRE/GMAT. The diligence with which she pursued this cause speaks volumes about her dedication and commitment to work.Biruda has incommensurable leadership abilities. Despite her extremely busy schedule, she was always approachable and ready to help us out with anything. Her ability to foresee problems was unbelievable.And the best thing is that she was always prepared with a solution to the problems.When she did not get any help from the head office related to the content development of GMAT, she took the onus on herself and brought the verbal team to task. She set the meeting and gave us an action plan.And the plan was executed flawlessly.Students at Career Launcher are already missing her. Just yesterday, I met a student named Abhijeet who was targetting ISB and IIMS in India and MBA colleges abroad. He was completely lost without Biruda on board. He explicitly said that the guidance Biruda used to give was unmatched in the industry. Nothing can be a better compliment to her abilities as an admissions consultant.

I strongly recommend Biruda as she is a gem of a person and probably one of the best admission consultants I have come across in my experience of seven years.

– Rajesh Ranjan, Manager-Acads, Career Launcher

Biruda has been very helpful throughout the application process. She is very hardworking, well organized, disciplined and very well knows how to manage things and meet deadlines. The quality of her that amazes me most is that she remembers every small detail of all her clients and never misses any point. Her knowledge about the universities across the world is commendable. She is easily accessible and very patient in listening to the clients and giving them the right advice. I wish her all the success in her career.
– Sanjeev Pandey

– Bhaskar V – MBA 2013 – Carlson School of Management with Scholarship

– Adarsh – MBA admit at University of Tennesse Knoxville SCM 2013 batch with 54K Scholarship

It is been a journey for me , as i started my application process long back in July . Her counseling sessions , preparation for an interview and the care to complete the application is commendable. She guided me through and made sure that I will get an admit . You can reach out to her at any point during the process at any time . She stuck with my decisions and helped me achieve my goals. It was my pleasure working with her and I’m really thankful for the time you took out for the applications.All the best !!!!
– Pradyumna N

She is a schedule-works-best person, and helped me to complete loads of application processes in time thanks to her impeccable commitment in sticking to the schedule. Thanks to her that I managed to go from donno-what-to-do to I-got-5-outof-5-admits. Extremely helpful in bringing out the best out of a person, and in providing expert guidance in matters of college admissions. She knows the pros and cons of vast majority of courses and colleges that its better to follow her advice than to rely on the questionable ratings. Thanks to her that I was able to choose between a couple of very different courses when I was in a big dilemma, and further on to get the best out of the selected course with admission from every university applied.
– Karthik Ananthasubramanian

– Rahul Panicker – MBA Penn State University – Supply chain